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Your Go-To For Alloy Wheels & Tyres In Newtownabbey

Stock wheels and tyres are functional but don't make a statement. At Motorstore Glengormley in Newtownabbey, we understand the desire to personalise your car and better its appearance and performance. That's why we offer a wide range of alloy wheels and tyres, and bodykit components to upgrade your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Better Your Ride's Style: Wheels, Tyres & Body Kits

Looking to personalise your car's appearance and better its performance? Look no further than Motorstore Glengormley's extensive selection of wheels, tyres, and body kits:

  • Upgrade Your Wheels: Upgrade the look of your car with a new set of stylish alloy wheels. We offer various designs, sizes, and finishes to suit your taste and budget. Don't forget the essential wheel components – we stock wheel trims, bolts, and spacers for a complete wheel makeover.

  • Performance Tyres: The right tyres are crucial for optimal handling, safety, and fuel efficiency. We stock a comprehensive range of tyres from leading brands to suit all driving styles and weather conditions.

  • Body Kit Improvements: Modify your car's exterior with a body kit. We may offer a selection of spoilers, side skirts, and other body kit components to add a touch of individuality to your vehicle. (Please note: Body kit selection may vary).

A close up of tyres in a shop

Keeping Your Wheels Rolling Smoothly

Proper tyre maintenance is essential for safety and performance. Here's how we can help you keep your wheels rolling smoothly:

  • Expert Tyre Advice: Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right tyres for your car, considering driving style, weather conditions, and load capacity.

  • Tyre Fitting & Balancing: We offer professional tyre fitting and balancing services to ensure your tyres wear evenly and your car handles optimally.

  • Tyre Maintenance Essentials: Find tyre maintenance products, including tyre inflators, sealants, and valve caps, to keep your tyres in great condition.

Maintaining the Strength & Integrity Of Your Car

While body kits improve appearance, a strong and protected body is crucial for your car's overall health. Here's how we can help:

  • Minor Body Repairs (limited service may apply): We may offer a limited range of services for minor body repairs, such as scratch removal or dent repair. (Please enquire about specific repairs).

  • Rust Prevention & Underbody Protection: Protect your car's bodywork from rust and corrosion with our selection of rust prevention products and underbody protection sprays.

A car mechanic cleaning car wheel brake disk
A car wash in progress

Keeping Your Investment Looking Its Best

Regular car washing and polishing improve your car's appearance and protect the paintwork from environmental elements. Here's how we can help:

  • Car Care Products: Find a comprehensive range of car care products, including shampoos, polishes, waxes, and degreasers, to keep your car looking its best.

  • Valeting Supplies: For a more professional finish, we stock a variety of valeting supplies to give your car that showroom shine.

“Great staff and very helpful. Highly recommend. My car wouldn't start close to the shop, they offered jump leads and offered to fit a new battery. Very helpful.”

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